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Dave Page put up a new survey on the PostgreSQL portal page very recently, " What would attract the most new PostgreSQL users?" and the results in already are interesting (1,529 results as this is being written):
Now, we don't necessarily have a speed problem, as people who take the time to tune the database can attest to, so this is making me consider why such a large percentage of folk would vote for that.

Interesting question.  Too bad the survey didn't ask *what* they find
Hey, interesting point.

Perhaps for the next survey, we should ask which part of PostgreSQL people feel needs the greatest speed increase? We just have to think of the best wording for it... :)

Other interesting conclusions can be drawn from the results too, one of which is that only about 2% of people are asking for more features, and also that only about 2% are looking for better marketing.

Of course, this is a survey of people who already know about Postgres,
and are sufficiently interested in using it to have visited the website.
So really, people who need to be marketed to weren't surveyed.  The low
vote for that point is probably just survey skew.
Yep. It's a reasonably ad-hoc system, but it does provide some interesting aggregate feedback. It's nice that we receive a decent amount of votes over a short amount of time.

Out of curiosity, any thoughts as to what other questions or topics might be good to be asked about?


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