+ people measure postgresql by the speed of bulk imports

This is a good point. I can complete agree. What we might need is something called "SQL Loader" or so. This may sound funny and it doesn't make technical sense but it is an OBVIOUS way of importing data. People often forget to use transactions or don't know about COPY. A perfectly documented tool called "SQL Loader" or so might help. This is mainly a marketing reason but according to the things I have seen this is true.

+ people think about MySQL and speed
People and magazines have MySQL in mind and this is a point which annoys me most. Why don't they just think about SAP DB or Oracle instead of MontySQL.

which seem to be faster on other dbs (I'm only repeating what I often
see on the lists), and don't consider that this is not something most
people do on a regular basis.

btw, PITR would get more hits if more people knew what it means... (Yes,
I know what it is, but I think many who don't read the mailing lists
etc. don't).

People with more experience will ask for more high level features.
People need to get started quickly so that they will find out about the advantages of a database. Features have to be obvious because other way people with not much experience won't look for it.

Also: At least once a week somebody is asking for replication. Replication, clustering, hot failover, and so forth are definitely the features which are asked by companies.

I wonder why people ask for better documentation. I think the documentation is really good. Ever read Oracle stuff? *ugh*.


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