> On Sunday 19 January 2003 09:20, Justin Clift wrote:
>> Dave Page put up a new survey on the PostgreSQL portal page very
>> recently, " What would attract the most new PostgreSQL users?" and the
>> results in already are interesting (1,529 results as this is being
>> written):
>> ***********
>> Answer            Responses Percentage
>> More speed           505      33.028% 
>> Win32 Port           390      25.507%
>> Replication          386      25.245% 
>> Better docs          160      10.464% 
>> More features         32       2.093% 
>> Better marketing      29       1.897% 
>> Better migration      18       1.177% 
>> PITR                       9       0.589%
>> Total number of responses: 1529

The funny thing is that, to me, this least is perfectly reflective of the
FUD that other databases use against postgresql. It's too slow, it only
runs on *nix, it doesn't have replication, and the documentation isn't
very good.  You can't FUD postgresql on feature set, becuase we have a
pretty wide feature set (as good as any other open source rdbms afaik)
plus it's open source, so if we don't have a feature that say oracle has,
you can pay someone the $10,000+ the oracle license will cost to implement
it. I've also not seen much FUD on the other issues either. If you can
address the primary points that your competition is using as FUD, you
will gain new users. We'll see what happens in 7.4 if we do have
replication, native windows support, and PITR, because everyone will have
to come up with some new FUD to sling this way.

Robert Treat

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