On Sun, Jan 19, 2003 at 01:19:03PM -0500, Robert Treat wrote:
> pretty wide feature set (as good as any other open source rdbms afaik)
> plus it's open source, so if we don't have a feature that say oracle has,
> you can pay someone the $10,000+ the oracle license will cost to implement
> it. I've also not seen much FUD on the other issues either. If you can

Unfortunately it doesn't always work this way. I knew one government
organization that decided to go for Oracle for 500K Euro instead of
adding the missing features (actually almost exclusively PITR). One of
the top arguments I heard was: "I don't believe that free software
community works. Once the developers get a social life or even kids,
they stop working on software." Of course I told him that I still do
work on free software despite having three sons on which he answered:
"Maybe, but I still don't believe it." 

Sad but true.

Michael Meskes
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