On Wed, Jan 20, 2016 at 07:53:25AM -0800, Joshua Drake wrote:
> #2 This is a longer topic. I have been stewing in my head about
> releases for years. I have even brought up the idea of an Ubuntu
> style release cycle on list once or twice. The more I think about
> it, the more I think this can help our community. We essentially
> would have two types of releases:
> STS:
> * Supported for 1 release cycle plus 6 months (18-24 months)
> * Inline upgrades supported
> LTS:
> * Supported for standard 5 years
> * Is allowed to break binary format from STS but not previous LTS.
> This allows two LTS versions per 5 year support cycle

I just don't buy the Ubuntu release model for our database.  Ubuntu is
trying to balance hot features vs stability, while we are really focused
on stability, similar to Debian.

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