Magnus Hagander wrote:

> Except that we need to do it for the last one as well. With the only
> exception that the last one might be a bit longer. But the fact is that the
> recent of CFs *and* releases, we've taken the approach of closing the CF
> when everything in it is done or explicitly reviewed-and-bumped, and tried
> really really hard not to bump things because nobody had time to look at
> them. That's what I'm suggesting we change, and actually just cut them.
> Yes, one of the reasons for the CFs was to allow people a fair chance to
> get reviewed.But given that there isn't actually a deadline in practice
> doesn't help with that.

We have a rule in the commitfest process, which I mentioned in some
other thread yesterday, which we have never enforced as far as I
remember -- which is that the last commitfest only accepts patches that
have already been submitted to previous commitfests.  If we were to
enforce that one, I think we put a limit to the size of the last
commitfest, reducing the amount of work necessary to close it.

I definitely think we should be stricter about closing each commitfest
on the last day of the month.  To improve on the fairness front we could
also be stricter about giving priority to reviewing patches that have
been punted from previous commitfest.

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