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> Corey Huinker <corey.huin...@gmail.com> writes:
> > Incidentally, is there a reason behind the tendency of internal functions
> > to avoid parameter defaults in favor of multiple pg_proc entries?
> Yes: you can't specify defaults in pg_proc.h.
> We work around that where absolutely necessary, see the last part of
> system_views.sql.  But it's messy enough, and bug-prone enough, to be
> better avoided --- for example, it's very easy for the redeclaration
> in system_view.sql to forget a STRICT or other similar marking.
> Personally I'd say that every one of the existing cases that simply has
> a default for the last argument was a bad idea, and would better have
> been done in the traditional way with two pg_proc.h entries.
>                         regards, tom lane

...which answers my follow up question where make_interval was getting the
defaults I saw in the table but not the .h file. Thanks!

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