On 26.01.2016 02:09, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
On 1/25/16 2:48 AM, Torsten Z├╝hlsdorff wrote:
Nobody, but there are different solutions. And the same solutions works
different in quality and quantity in the different projects.
In FreeBSD for example there is an online tool for review
(http://review.freebsd.org) which was opened to public. There you can
review any code, left comments in the parts you wanted, submit different
users to it etc.
It is not perfect, but a huge step forward for the project. And
something i misses here often.
But as stated earlier in another thread: for a not-so-deep-involved
volunteer, it is often unclear *what* to review. The threads are long
and often there is no final description about how the patch is supposed
to work. That make testing quite hard and time consuming.

I agree better code review tooling could help a bit.  The URL you post
above doesn't work at the moment (for me), though.

I'm sorry, the url contains a typo. The correct one is:


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