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> - The distinction between wal_level settings "archive" and "hot_standby"
> is in the way of automation or better intelligence, because the primary
> cannot tell what the receiver intends to do with the WAL.
> So here is a patch to get rid of the distinction.
> Bike-shedding:  In this patch, I removed "archive" and kept
> "hot_standby", because that's what the previous discussions suggested.
> Historically and semantically, it would be more correct the other way
> around.  On the other hand, keeping "hot_standby" would probably require
> fewer configuration files to be changed.  Or we could keep both, but
> that would be confusing (for users and in the code).

I've reviewed this and have a few comments.

Removing one of "archive" or "hot standby" will just cause confusion and
breakage, so neither is a good choice for removal.

What we should do is
1. Map "archive" and "hot_standby" to one level with a new name that
indicates that it can be used for both/either backup or replication.
      (My suggested name for the new level is "replica"...)
2. Deprecate "archive" and "hot_standby" so that those will be removed in a
later release.

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