On 1/27/2016 8:40 AM, Vladimir Sitnikov wrote:
Why do you want that at the database level?
Do you have end-to-end scenario that benefits from using Lucee?
Lucee is very intuitive and powerful, so it's more for ease of use than anything, and to attract more Lucee users to use PostgreSQL (most of them use SQL Server or MySQL).

If the pl/v8 was easily ported to Windows then I probably wouldn't even try to add Lucee, but it seems to be quite difficult to compile the latest versions for Windows and it looks like the project is not maintained (for example, it uses an older version of V8 with no known intention to upgrade).

If I had more experience with C++ then I'd probably try to update V8, but so far my attempts have not been very fruitful.

I was wondering how difficult it would be to implement a Postgres extension 
that will act as a wrapper around it and will allow to write functions in that 
Have you checked PL/Java?
That seems like a good place to start, thanks. Are there also any docs about the subject?


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