On 1/27/2016 9:58 AM, jflack wrote:
I just did a quick search on Lucee and what I found suggests that
it compiles to JVM bytecode and runs on a JVM. If that is the
case, and it can compile methods that will have the sort of
method signatures PL/Java expects, and you can put the .class
files in a jar and load it, your job should be just about done. :)
yes, Lucee uses ASM4 to construct class files which are mostly POJOs
Or, you might end up writing thin wrappers in Java, probably
nothing more.

Another possibility: Java has pluggable script engine support
(java specification request 233, see the javax.script package).
Does Lucee have an existing JSR 233 engine implementation?
the next version of Lucee (currently in Beta) does support JSR-223, which I actually mentioned as a viable solution in my first email in this thread. That would be awesome if PL/Java would support JSR-223.



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