On 01/27/2016 11:46 AM, Igal @ Lucee.org wrote:

>> Have you checked PL/Java?
> That seems like a good place to start, thanks.  Are there also any docs
> about the subject?

I just did a quick search on Lucee and what I found suggests that
it compiles to JVM bytecode and runs on a JVM. If that is the
case, and it can compile methods that will have the sort of
method signatures PL/Java expects, and you can put the .class
files in a jar and load it, your job should be just about done. :)

Or, you might end up writing thin wrappers in Java, probably
nothing more.

Another possibility: Java has pluggable script engine support
(java specification request 233, see the javax.script package).
Does Lucee have an existing JSR 233 engine implementation?

PL/Java does not _currently_ have JSR233 support, but it is
definitely being thought about ... the idea being, put a Lucee
JSR233 engine jar on the classpath, define it as a new PostgreSQL
language (PL/Java will handle the interfacing), and then actually
write stuff like

DO $$echo("Hello World");$$ LANGUAGE lucee;

As I said, in current PL/Java version, JSR 233 is still
science fiction ... but it's "hard science fiction", not the
fantasy stuff.



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