Hello Robert,

And this one generates a core dump:
\set cid debug(-9223372036854775808 / -1)
Floating point exception: 8 (core dumped)

That does not seem acceptable to me. I don't want pgbench to die a horrible death if a floating point exception occurs any more than I want the server to do the same. I want the error to be properly caught and reported.

Please note that this issue/bug/feature/whatever already exists just for these two values (1/2**128 probability), it is not related to this patch about functions.

  sh> pgbench --version
  pgbench (PostgreSQL) 9.5.0

  sh> cat div.sql
  \set i -9223372036854775807
  \set i :i - 1
  \set i :i / -1

  sh> pgbench -f div.sql
  starting vacuum...end.
  Floating point exception (core dumped)

I do not think that it is really worth fixing, but I will not prevent anyone to fix it.


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