I do not think that it is really worth fixing, but I will not prevent anyone
to fix it.

I still think it does. Well, if there is consensus to address this one
and optionally the other integer overflows even on back branches, I'll
write a patch and let's call that a deal. This is not a problem from
my side.

My point is just about the cost-benefit of fixing a low probability issue that you can only encounter if you are looking for it, and not with any reasonable bench script.

Now adding somewhere a test might just help closing the subject and do more useful things, so that would also be a win.

  /* these would raise an arithmetic error */
  if (lval == INT64_MIN && rval == -1)
     fprintf(stderr, "cannot divide or modulo INT64_MIN by -1\n");
     return false;

This may be backpatched to old supported versions.


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