On 28.01.2016 17:42, Artur Zakirov wrote:
On 27.01.2016 15:28, Artur Zakirov wrote:
On 27.01.2016 14:14, Stas Kelvich wrote:

I tried that and confirm strange behaviour. It seems that problem with
small cyrillic letter ‘х’. (simplest obscene language filter? =)

That can be reproduced with simpler test


The test program was corrected. Now it uses wchar_t type. And it works
correctly and gives right output.

I think the NIImportOOAffixes() in spell.c should be corrected to avoid
this bug.

I have attached a patch. It adds new functions parse_ooaffentry() and
get_nextentry() and fixes a couple comments.

Now russian and other supported dictionaries can be used for text search
in Mac OS.

parse_ooaffentry() parses an affix file entry instead of sscanf(). It
has a similar algorithm to the parse_affentry() function.

Should I create a new patch to fix this bug (as I did) or this patch
should go with the patch
http://www.postgresql.org/message-id/56aa02ee.6090...@postgrespro.ru ?

I have created a new entry in the commitfest for this patch https://commitfest.postgresql.org/9/496/

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