On 09.02.2016 20:13, Tom Lane wrote:
I do not like this patch much.  It is basically "let's stop using sscanf()
because it seems to have a bug on one platform".  There are at least two
things wrong with that approach:

1. By my count there are about 80 uses of *scanf() in our code.  Are we
going to replace every one of them with hand-rolled code?  If not, why
is only this instance vulnerable?  How can we know whether future uses
will have a problem?

It seems that *scanf() with %s format occures only here:
- check.c - get_bin_version()
- server.c - get_major_server_version()
- filemap.c - isRelDataFile()
- pg_backup_directory.c - _LoadBlobs()
- xlog.c - do_pg_stop_backup()
- mac.c - macaddr_in()
I think here sscanf() do not works with the UTF-8 characters. And probably this is only spell.c issue.

I agree that previous patch is wrong. Instead of using new parse_ooaffentry() function maybe better to use sscanf() with %ls format. The %ls format is used to read a wide character string.

2. We're not being very good citizens of the software universe if we
just install a hack in Postgres rather than nagging Apple to fix the
bug at its true source.

I think the appropriate next step to take is to dig into the OS X
sources (see http://www.opensource.apple.com, I think probably the
relevant code is in the Libc package) and identify exactly what is
causing the misbehavior.  That would both allow an informed answer
to point #1 and greatly increase the odds of getting action on a
bug report to Apple.  Even if we end up applying this patch verbatim,
I think we need that information first.

                        regards, tom lane

I think this is not a bug. It is a normal behavior. In Mac OS sscanf() with the %s format reads the string one character at a time. The size of letter 'х' is 2. And sscanf() separate it into two wrong characters.

In conclusion, I think in spell.c should be used sscanf() with %ls format.

Artur Zakirov
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