It seems that *scanf() with %s format occures only here:
- check.c - get_bin_version()
- server.c - get_major_server_version()
- filemap.c - isRelDataFile()
- pg_backup_directory.c - _LoadBlobs()
- xlog.c - do_pg_stop_backup()
- mac.c - macaddr_in()
I think here sscanf() do not works with the UTF-8 characters. And probably this
is only spell.c issue.

Hmm. Here
src/backend/access/transam/xlog.c read_tablespace_map()
using %s in scanf looks suspisious. I don't fully understand but it looks like it tries to read oid as string. So, it should be safe in usial case

Next, _LoadBlobs() reads filename (fname) with a help of sscanf. Could file name be in UTF-8 encoding here?

I agree that previous patch is wrong. Instead of using new parse_ooaffentry()
function maybe better to use sscanf() with %ls format. The %ls format is used to
read a wide character string.
Does %ls modifier exist everewhere?
Apple docs says (
s ...
  If an l qualifier is present, the next pointer must be a pointer to wchar_t,
  into which the input will be placed after conversion by mbrtowc

Actually, it means that wchar2char() call should be used, but it uses
wcstombs[_l] which could do not present on some platforms. Does it mean that l modifier of string presents too or not? What do we need to do if %l exists but wcstombs[_l] not?

I'm a bit crazy with locale problems and it seems to me that Artur's patch is good idea. Actually, I don't remember exactly, but, seems, commit 7ac8a4be8946c11d5a6bf91bb971b9750c1c60e5 introduced parse_affentry() instead of corresponding sscanf to avoid problems with encoding and scanf.

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