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> > I personally, and I realize that I'm likely alone on that, would really
> > like to see references to relevant threads. A year after a commit or
> > such it often starts to get hard to know which threads a commit was
> > about.  Often it's easy enough if it's about a single feature, but
> > bugfixes often originate in threads that have no directly corresponding
> > thread. And often the commit happens a while after there's been activity
> > in a thread.  I spent days searching what thread "per discussion" in
> > commit messages refers to.
> +1. Having to look at the archives to find to which discussion a
> commit is attached is a pain. Last time this was suggested though
> there were concerns regarding the 72-80 character limit per line in a
> commit message.

Let's just assume that we can fix that part. As in, we can expose either an
internal db id or a short hash or something, from the archives server. We
could then have that visible/linkable directly on the archives page, and
one could copy/paste that link into the commit message. That way we can
avoid the long messageids.

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