On 2/2/16 4:52 PM, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Robert Haas wrote:

The eventual committer is likely to be much happier with this patch if
you guys have achieved consensus among yourselves on the best

(Disclaimer: The eventual committer won't be me.  I'm not a Python
guy.  But we try to proceed by consensus rather than committer-dictat
around here, when we can.  Obviously the committer has the final say
at some level, but it's better if that power doesn't need to be
exercised too often.)

Actually I imagine that if there's no agreement between author and first
reviewer, there might not *be* a committer in the first place.  Perhaps
try to get someone else to think about it and make a decision.  It is
possible that some other committer is able to decide by themselves but I
wouldn't count on it.


FWIW, I'd think it's better to not break backwards compatibility, but I'm also far from a python expert. It might well be worth adding a plpython GUC to control the behavior so that there's a migration path forward, or maybe do something like the 'import __future__' that python is doing to ease migration to python 3.
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