On 2/4/16 5:00 AM, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> David Steele wrote:
>>> <...> But what I think really happens is
>>> some badly-written Java application loses track of a connection
>>> someplace and just never finds it again. <...>
> I've seen that also, plenty of times.
>> That's what I've seen over and over again.  And then sometimes it's not
>> a badly-written Java application, but me, and in that case I definitely
>> want the connection killed.  Without logging, if you please.
> So the way to escape audit logging is to open a transaction, steal some
> data, then leave the connection open so that it's not logged when it's
> killed?

Well, of course I was joking, but even so I only meant the disconnect
shouldn't be logged to save me embarrassment.

But you are probably joking as well.  Oh, what a tangled web.


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