On 31/01/2016 14:33, Vik Fearing wrote:
> Attached is a rebased and revised version of my
> idle_in_transaction_session_timeout patch from last year.
> This version does not suffer the problems the old one did where it would
> jump out of SSL code thanks to Andres' patch in commit
> 4f85fde8eb860f263384fffdca660e16e77c7f76.
> The basic idea is if a session remains idle in a transaction for longer
> than the configured time, that connection will be dropped thus releasing
> the connection slot and any locks that may have been held by the broken
> client.
> Added to the March commitfest.

I've looked at this patch, which I'd be able to review as a user, probably not
at a code level.
It seems to me this is a need in a huge number of badly handled idle in
transaction sessions (at application level).

This feature works as I expected it to.
My question would be regarding the value 0 assigned to the GUC parameter to
disable it. Wouldn't be -1 a better value, similar to
log_min_duration_statement or similar GUC parameter?

(I understand you can't put a 0ms timeout duration, but -1 seems more

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