On Thu, Feb 4, 2016 at 9:18 PM, Victor Wagner wrote:
> It's quite good that patch sets standard of using 'use strict; use
> warnings;' in the test script.

FWIW, this is decided as being a standard rule for any modules/script
added in the main tree.

> It is bad, that Postgres-specific perl modules do not have embedded
> documentation. It would be nice to see POD documentation in the
> TestLib.pm and PostgresNode.pm instead of just comments. It would be
> much easier to test writers to read documentation using perldoc utility,
> rather than browse through the code.

Why not. I am no perlist but those prove to be helpful, however those
Postgres modules are not dedicated to a large audience, so we could
live without for now.

> I think that this patch should be commited as soon as possible in its
> current form (short of already reported reject in the PostgresNode.pm
> init function).

Thanks for your enthusiasm. Now, to do an auto-critic of my patch:

+       if ($params{allows_streaming})
+       {
+               print $conf "wal_level = hot_standby\n";
+               print $conf "max_wal_senders = 5\n";
+               print $conf "wal_keep_segments = 20\n";
+               print $conf "max_wal_size = 128MB\n";
+               print $conf "shared_buffers = 1MB\n";
+               print $conf "wal_log_hints = on\n";
+               print $conf "hot_standby = on\n";
+       }
This could have more thoughts, particularly for wal_log_hints which is
not used all the time, I think that we'd actually want to complete
that with an optional hash of parameter/values that get appended at
the end of the configuration file, then pass wal_log_hints in the
tests where it is needed. The default set of parameter is maybe fine
if done this way, still wal_keep_segments could be removed.

+# Tets for timeline switch
+# Encure that a standby is able to follow a newly-promoted standby
Two typos in two lines.

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