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> On 02/07/2016 03:42 AM, Filip Rembiałkowski wrote:

> You left the duplicate behavior with subtransactions, but didn't mention
> it in the documentation.  If I do  NOTIFY DISTINCT chan, 'msg';  then I
> expect only distinct notifications but I'll get duplicates if I'm in a
> subtransaction.  Either the documentation or the code needs to be fixed.


> I seem to remember some discussion about not using DEFAULT parameters in
> system functions so you should leave the old function alone and create a
> new function with your use_all parameter.  I don't recall the exact
> reason why so hopefully someone else will enlighten me.

I'm quite new to this; how do I pinpoint proper OID for a new catalog
object (function, in this case)?
Is there a better way than browsing fmgr files and guessing next available oid?

> There is also no mention in the documentation about what happens if I do:
>     NOTIFY ALL chan, 'msg';
>     NOTIFY ALL chan, 'msg';
>     NOTIFY DISTINCT chan, 'msg';
>     NOTIFY ALL chan, 'msg';
> Without testing, I'd say I'd get two messages, but it should be
> explicitly mentioned somewhere.

If it's four separate transactions, LISTEN'er should get four.
If it's in one transaction,  LISTEN'er should get three.

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