Robert Haas wrote:

> Oh: another thing that I would like to do is commit the isolation
> tests I wrote for the deadlock detector a while back, which nobody has
> reviewed either, though Tom and Alvaro seemed reasonably positive
> about the concept.  Right now, the deadlock.c part of this patch isn't
> tested at all by any of our regression test suites, because NOTHING in
> deadlock.c is tested by any of our regression test suites.  You can
> blow it up with dynamite and the regression tests are perfectly happy,
> and that's pretty scary.

FWIW a couple of months back I thought you had already pushed that one
and was surprised to find that you hadn't.  +1 from me on pushing it.
(I don't mean specifically the deadlock tests, but rather the
isolationtester changes that allowed you to have multiple blocked

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