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I accept that this might have been a somewhat isolated incident (that
I couldn't easily get *at least* a little instant gratification), but
it still should be avoided. You've accused me of burying the lead
plenty of times. Don't tell me that it was too hard to prominently
place those details somewhere where I or any other contributor could
reasonably expect to find them, like the CF app page, or a wiki page
that is maintained on an ongoing basis (and linked to at the start of
each thread). If I said that that was too much to you, you'd probably
shout at me. If I persisted, you wouldn't commit my patch, and for me
that probably means it's DOA.

I don't think I'm asking for much here.


This part of the thread seems like something that should be a new thread about how to write patches. I agree that patches that are large features that are in depth discussed on a maintained wiki page would be awesome. Creating that knowledge base without having to troll through code would be priceless in value.



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