Dmitry Ivanov <> writes:
> As of now there's no way to transfer the ownership of an object and all its 
> dependent objects in one step. One has to manually alter the owner of each 
> object, be it a table, a schema or something else.

TBH, this sounds like a completely terrible idea.  There are far too many
sorts of dependencies across which one would not expect ownership to
propagate; for example, use of a function in a view, or even just a
foreign key dependency between two tables.

I'm not even clear that there are *any* cases where this behavior is
wanted, other than perhaps ALTER OWNER on an extension --- and even there,
what you would want is altering the ownership of the member objects, but
not everything that depends on the member objects.

So basically, a generic CASCADE facility sounds like a lot of work to
produce something that would seldom be anything but a foot-gun.

                        regards, tom lane

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