Vladimir Borodin wrote:

> > Moreover, the use case you've sketched (ie, change ownership of all
> > objects inside a database) doesn't actually have anything to do with
> > following dependencies.  It's a lot closer to REASSIGN OWNED ... in
> > fact, it's not clear to me why REASSIGN OWNED doesn't solve that
> > use-case already.
> Sometimes I hit the following. You have created a database and schema
> inside it from the superuser (i.e. postgres). Than you want to change
> ownership of whole database to another user (i.e. alice), but only
> this database, not all other objects in all other databases. It seems
> that REASSIGN OWNED doesn’t solve this already.

So essentially you want to change all the objects in the database except
those that were created together with the database itself (i.e. those
that were copied from the template database).  That seems a reasonable
use-case, but I'm not sure that this ALTER .. OWNER CASCADE is the right
thing for that -- What object would you start with?  Each schema other
than pg_catalog, pg_toast, information_schema?  As I recall, the problem
is that REASSIGN OWNED refuses to work on pinned objects.  Maybe what
you want is something like
  REASSIGN OWNED BY xyz IN SCHEMA public TO xyzxxz
i.e., an extension of the current REASSIGN OWNED BY command?

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