Jim Nasby wrote:

> >   ORDER BY name
> > \crosstabview cols = (select to_char(d, 'Mon') from
> > generate_series('2000-01-01'::date, '2000-12-01', '1 month') d)
> My concern with that is that often you don't know what the columns will 
> be, because you don't know what exact data the query will produce. So to 
> use this syntax you'd have to re-create a huge chunk of the original 
> query. :(

Also, if that additional query refers to tables, it should be executed
with the same data visibility as the main query. Doesn't that mean
that both queries should happen within the same repeatable
read transaction?

Another  impractical aspect of this approach is that a
meta-command invocation in psql must fit on a single line, so
queries containing newlines are not acceptable as argument.
This problem exists with "\copy (select...) to ..."  already.

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