Dean Rasheed wrote:

> If I want to sort the rows coming out of a query, my first thought
> is always going to be to add/adjust the query's ORDER BY clause, not
> use some weird +/- psql syntax.

About the vertical sort, I agree on all your points.
It's best to rely on ORDER BY for all the reasons mentioned,
as opposed to a separate sort in a second step.

But you're considering the case when a user is designing
or adapting a query for the purpose of crosstab
viewing. As mentioned in my previous reply (about the
methods to achieve horizontal sort), that scenario is not really
what motivates the feature in the first place.

If removing that sort option is required to move forward
with the patch because it's controversial, so be it,
but overall I don't see this as a benefit for the end user,
it's just an option.

Best regards,
Daniel Vérité
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