Roma Sokolov wrote:
See v2 of the patch attached.

I have a stylistic comments. Sometimes you forget a space:
+  replaces[Anum_pg_operator_oprcom - 1] =true;

or use tab insted space:
+       if (OidIsValid(op->oprnegate) ||
+               (OidIsValid(op->oprcom)      && operOid != op->oprcom))
+               OperatorUpd(operOid,
+                                       operOid == op->oprcom ?      InvalidOid : 
+                                       op->oprnegate,
+                                       true);

And I think if you make this logic into a separate function,
it is possible to simplify the code. OperatorUpd function is too complex.

Also better to add comments to the tests.
The rest seems good.

PS I here thought it would be possible to print operators that have been changed?

Yury Zhuravlev
Postgres Professional:
The Russian Postgres Company

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