Hi Kevin,

On 3/1/16 11:08 AM, Roma Sokolov wrote:
>> On 27 Feb 2016, at 03:46, Euler Taveira <eu...@timbira.com.br> wrote:
>> Because it is not a common practice to test catalog dependency on
>> separate tests (AFAICS initial catalogs are tested with oidjoins.sql).
>> Also, your test case is too huge for such a small use case. 
> It seems oidjoins.sql is automatically generated and contains tests only for
> initial database state. On the other hand, there are tests for CREATE OPERATOR
> and ALTER OPERATOR, so it seems reasonable to me to have separate DROP 
> test, or to move all operator related testing to one file. This is however
> clearly outside of the scope of this patch, so in v3 I've simplified tests 
> using
> queries from oidjoins.sql.

You've signed up to review this patch, do you have an idea of when you
might be able to do the review?


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