On 03/23/2016 12:50 AM, Roma Sokolov wrote:

Tomas, thanks for review and comments!

I have to admit I find the existing code a bit convoluted,
particularly the part that deals with the (commId == negId) case.
And the patch does not really improve the situation, quite the
contrary. Perhaps it’s time to get rid of this optimization?

Indeed, code in OperatorUpd is not very easy to read, due to
handling this case. However we can achieve the same results without
too much duplication. I have changed OperatorUpd to perform tuple
modification in "lazy" way. Please, check it out in v4.patch

OK, the new code seems more comprehensible to me.

Also, maybe I'm missing something obvious, but it's not
immediately obvious to me why we're only checking oprcom and not
oprnegate? I.e. why shouldn’t the code be

We do not need to check for operOid != op->oprnegate, since we can't
create operator that is negator to itself. Thus, opnergate either
present and differs from operator being deleted, or is InvalidOid. I
have added some clarification in the comment for future readers.

Ah, I see. Thanks for the clarification.

Fixed style issues as well.

I've noticed some whitespace issues in the OperatorUpd function - there are two or three lines with just a tabulator at the beginning, and one comment mixes indentation by tabs with spaces.

Also, it's generally recommended no to tweak formatting when not necessary, so perhaps don't remove the empty line at the end of the function (before simple_heap_update).

I think the comments will need rewording, but I'll leave that to a native speaker.


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