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> PFA patch fixing those things.

I think that you need to take a little broader look at this section.
At the top, it says "To use any of these functions, you need to
include the header file foreign/foreign.h in your source file", but
this function is defined in foreign/fdwapi.h.  It's not clear to me
whether we should consider moving the prototype, or just document that
this function is someplace else.  The other functions prototyped in
fdwapi.h aren't documented at all, except for
IsImportableForeignTable, which is mentioned in passing.

Further down, the section says "Some object types have name-based
lookup functions in addition to the OID-based ones:" and you propose
to put the documentation for this function after that.  But this
comment doesn't actually describe this particular function.

Actually, this function just doesn't seem to fit into this section at
all.  It's really quite different from the others listed there.  How
about something like the attached instead?

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