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>> I think that you need to take a little broader look at this section.
>> At the top, it says "To use any of these functions, you need to
>> include the header file foreign/foreign.h in your source file", but
>> this function is defined in foreign/fdwapi.h.  It's not clear to me
>> whether we should consider moving the prototype, or just document that
>> this function is someplace else.  The other functions prototyped in
>> fdwapi.h aren't documented at all, except for
>> IsImportableForeignTable, which is mentioned in passing.
>> Further down, the section says "Some object types have name-based
>> lookup functions in addition to the OID-based ones:" and you propose
>> to put the documentation for this function after that.  But this
>> comment doesn't actually describe this particular function.
>> Actually, this function just doesn't seem to fit into this section at
>> all.  It's really quite different from the others listed there.  How
>> about something like the attached instead?
> Right. Mentioning the function in the description of relevant function looks
> better and avoids some duplication.

Cool, committed that way.

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