The 2016-03 commitfest is officially in progress!

There are currently a lot of patches waiting for review but with no

Needs review: 97
Needs *reviewer*: 58

Please check the "needs reviewer" list
( for patches to
review.  The committers need our help to work through this enormous load
of patches.

If this is you:

Waiting on Author: 16

Then please post an updated patch as soon as possible so it can be
reviewed.  Some of these patches have not seen any activity from the
author in a long time.

The good news is we are already 14% done with the CF:

Committed: 17
Rejected: 2
Returned with Feedback: 1

I'll post a status update on this thread at least once a week and more
often as needed.  Going forward there will be more detail on individual
patches that are not making progress for whatever reason.

Let's get reviewing!


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