We are now nearly two thirds of the way through the 2016-03 Commitfest.

There are still some patches left that need review but have no reviewer
(https://commitfest.postgresql.org/9/?status=1&reviewer=-2) and this hasn't changed much since last week.

Needs review: 55 (was 56 last week)
Needs *reviewer*: 12 (was 15 last week)

There are still a lot of patches that need review but the good news is that nearly all of them have seen some level of review.

Waiting on Author: 11 (was 29 last week)

The number of patches waiting on author has gone down quite a bit but that was somewhat on account of idle patches being closed and a few that needed to be marked for review.

49% of the patches are now closed and I suspect that the low hanging fruit has been cleared away and we are left with more complicated patches.

Committed: 56 (was 46 last week)
Rejected: 5 (was 4 last week)
Returned with Feedback: 11 (was 4 last week)


If you have been pinged on a thread that is "waiting for author" and do not respond by next Tuesday your patch will likely be closed. We are now in crunch time with two weeks until the end of the CF and three weeks until feature freeze. If you have extenuating circumstances please make them clear on the thread so everyone knows the status.


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