The 2016-03 commitfest is nearly over!

There are still a number of patches in need of review and a few that still have no reviewer (

Needs review: 28 (was 55 last week)
Needs *reviewer*: 4 (was 12 last week)

If you are signed up to review a patch please do that as soon as possible or try to find somebody else who can take your place.

Waiting on Author: 16 (was 11 last week)

If your patch is in this state then please respond to questions or post a new patch *as soon as possible*. With a tight deadline for feature freeze patches that have not been addressed/updated will likely be closed on Friday.

Committed: 70 (was 56 last week)
Rejected: 5 (unchanged since last week)
Returned with Feedback: 18 (was 11 last week)

So we are 63% done with the commitfest with just a few days to go. Let's get cracking and see what we can get done before Friday!


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