Craig Ringer wrote:

> The first three are simple fixes that should go in without fuss:
> 001 fixes the above 5.8.8 compat issue.
> 002  fixes another minor whoopsie, a syntax error in  src/test/recovery/t/
> that never got noticed because exit codes are
> ignored.
> 003 runs perltidy on to bring it back into conformance
> after the recovery tests commit.
> The rest are feature patches:
> 004 allows filtering on RecursiveCopy by a predicate function. Needed for
> filesystem level backups (007). It could probably be squashed with 007 if
> desired.
> 005 adds the new psql functions psql_expert and psql_check. Then 006
> renames psql_expert to psql and fixes up all call sites across the tree to
> use the new interface. I found the bug in 002 as part of that process. I
> anticipate that 005 and 006 would be squashed into one commit to master,
> but I've kept them separate in my tree for easier review.
> 007 adds PostgresNode support for hot and cold filesystem-level backups
> using pg_start_backup and pg_stop_backup, which will be required for some
> coming tests and are useful by themselves.

Okay, so far I have pushed 0001 and 0002 squashed (commit 5bec1ad4648),
0003 (commit 7d9a4301c08), 0005 and 0006 squashed (commit 2c83f435a3de).
In the last one I chose to rename your psql_check to safe_psql and
tweaked a few other things, not worthy of individual mention.  I think
the result should still work on Perl 5.8 though I didn't actually verify
that -- I don't think I made any changes that would affect portability.
I will be downloading your Dockerized stuff shortly while I still have a
convenient network connection, just in case.

Patches 0004 and 0007 remain.  I think 0007 is uncontroversial; I
reworked 0004 a bit and gave it to someone else to finish a couple of
didn't I didn't quite like -- hopefully she'll be submitting a new
version soonish.  Once we have that I'm happy to push them too.

> I don't expect to be doing much more on the framework at this point as I
> want to be able to get back to the code I had to enhance the framework in
> order to test....

How come!?!?

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