Craig Ringer wrote:

> 004 allows filtering on RecursiveCopy by a predicate function. Needed for
> filesystem level backups (007). It could probably be squashed with 007 if
> desired.

I pushed this after some tinkering:

* filtering applies to all directory entries, not just files.  So you
can filter a subdirectory, for example.  If you have symlinks (which you
know this module will bomb out on) you can skip them too.

* The filter sub receives the path relative to the initial source dir,
rather than the absolute path.  That part was just making it difficult
to use; in your POD example you were testing /pg_log/ as a regex, which
skipped the *files* but not the directory itself.  Now you can do simply
"$var ne 'pg_log'".  (Pallavi Sontakke implemented most of this.)

* Your test for "ref $filterfn" allowed any reference to be passed, not
just a code reference.  I didn't test passing some other type of
reference; I assume you'd just get a very ugly error message.


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