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> Okay, so far I have pushed 0001 and 0002 squashed (commit 5bec1ad4648),
> 0003 (commit 7d9a4301c08), 0005 and 0006 squashed (commit 2c83f435a3de).
> In the last one I chose to rename your psql_check to safe_psql and
> tweaked a few other things, not worthy of individual mention.

I've just noticed that I failed to initialized $$timed_out to zero in
PostgresNode::psql if a ref is passed for it.

Fix attached.

The tests are proving useful already; I've shown that timeline following
works great with a filesystem-level copy, but that there are WAL retention
issues (unsurprisingly) when the backup is created without slots then the
slot state is synced over by an external client.

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