Hello Alvaro,

Attached is a v3 which test integers more logically. I'm a lazy
programmer who tends to minimize the number of key strokes.

Well. From what I can tell this patch is Ready for Committer.

I'm not a fan of this approach either.  Would it be too complicated if
we had a global variable that indicates which thread is the progress
reporter?  We start that with thread 0, but if the reporter thread
finishes its transactions then it elects some other thread which hasn't
yet finished.  For this to work, each thread would have to maintain in a
global variable whether it has finished or not.


Probably it is possible, but it will sure need more that one little condition to be achieved... I do not think that introducing a non trivial distributed election algorithm involving locks and so would be a good decision for this very little matter.

My advice is "keep it simple".

If this is a blocker, I can sure write such an algorithm, when I have some spare time, but I'm not sure that the purpose is worth it.


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