> time pgbench -T 5 -R 0.1 -P 1 -c 2 -j 2

On my laptop this command executes 25 seconds instead of 5. I'm pretty
sure it IS a bug. Probably a minor one though.

I tested this patch on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with GCC 4.8. It applies
cleanly on master branch (c7111d11) and solves a described problem.
No compilation warnings. Everything else works as before.

Still I wonder if code could be patched more cleanly. Instead of:


... you should probably write:

if(someint > 0)
if(somebool == TRUE)

Also I suggest to introduce a few new boolean variables with meaningful
names instead of writing all these long expressions right inside of
if( ... ). 

As a side note I noticed that pgbench.c is not pgindent'ed. Since you
are modifying this file anyway probably you cold solve this issue too?
As a separate patch perhaps.

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