Probably it is possible, but it will sure need more that one little
condition to be achieved... I do not think that introducing a non trivial
distributed election algorithm involving locks and so would be a good
decision for this very little matter.

My advice is "keep it simple".

If this is a blocker, I can sure write such an algorithm, when I have some
spare time, but I'm not sure that the purpose is worth it.

You're probably right, but TBH I'm pretty unsure about this whole thing.

If the question is "is there a bug", then answer is yes. The progress report may disappear if thread 0 happens to stop, even of all other threads go on. Obviously it only concerns slow queries, but there is no reason why pgbench should not work with slow queries. I can imagin good reason to do that, say to check the impact of such queries on an OLTP load.

The bug can be kept instead, and it can be called a feature.

I will leave it alone for the time being.

Maybe you could consider pushing the first part of the patch, which stops if a transaction is scheduled after the end of the run? Or is this part bothering you as well?


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