From: Craig Ringer 
* Make a directory of software/services that can be used with PostgreSQL on the 
community web site ( or
Software/services vendors and PostgreSQL developers/users can edit this 

I thought we had that? Yep.

There are 172 software listed here in total.  Excluding the following 
categories which can be considered part of a DBMS, the number is 121.  
Certainly not much.

•Drivers and interfaces
•PostgreSQL-derived servers
•PostgreSQL extensions
•Procedural languages

Speaking without fear of misunderstanding, there are few software products 
listed that migrators from commercial databases would want to know...  Even 
famous software like Pentaho, Microstrategy, Tableau, Eclipse and Visual Studio 
are not listed, which are known to work or should work with PostgreSQL.  This 
is a shame.

Why don't we enrich the catalog?  I'd like to hear ideas on how to enrich the 
catalog efficiently.  It's ideal for software vendors and users to voluntarily 
add to the catalog.


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