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> From: Craig Ringer
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> We could help ORMs solve the N+1 SELECTs problem and help them avoid
> transferring vast join projections unnecessarily. That'd make PostgreSQL
> pretty compelling for exactly the users we're mostly too busy dismissing to
> consider.
> I'd be interested in reaching out to some Hibernate/JPA and ActiveRecord
> folks about how the DB could help the ORM and have been meaning to explore
> this area for a while, but -ENOTIME. If anyone pursues it I'll be really
> interested in hearing how things go.
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> You have various ideas and experience, don't you?
> Are those ideas on ORMs beneficial exclusively to PostgreSQL or to all
> DBMSs?  I don't know the structure of ORMs allows for improvements to be
> advantageous to a specific DBMS.

Most ORMs have dialect layers for query generation, DB-specific
customisations, etc.

Whether they're flexible enough to handle this sort of change - I don't
know. That's part of why I'd like to explore the ideas with ActiveRecord,
Hibernate, JPA WG, etc folks.

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