Robert Haas <> writes:
> Unique Joins - This patch has had a lot of review and discussion.  It
> would be best if Tom Lane looked at it.

Yeah, I'll pick it up soon.  I've basically been kicking as much as
I could down the road for the last couple of months, trying to get the
pathification changes done.  Now that that's in, I expect to be
substantially less AWOL from the commitfest.

> enhanced custom error in PLPythonu - No committer yet.  Tom Lane and
> Peter Eisentraut are the usual suspects for PL/python.  Again, I have
> neither the interest nor the knowledge.

I don't mind touching plpython at the C level, but this one requires
somebody who uses Python enough to have an informed opinion on the
tastefulness of the proposed language features.  That's not me.

                        regards, tom lane

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