OK, so I made a pass through the "Ready for Committer" patches in the
current CF.  One I committed, several I replied to the thread with
review comments and set back to "Waiting on Author". Here's where we
are with the rest:

Silent data loss with ext4 / all current versions - It looks to me
like Andres is handling this.  I set him as the committer.
pg_resetxlog reference page reorganization - Peter Eisentraut wrote
this patch.  I assume he will commit it.  If not, I'm not sure why
anyone else should.
GCC 6 warning fixes - Ditto.
TAP test enhancements - It looks to me like Alvaro is handling this.
I set him as the committer.
Unique Joins - This patch has had a lot of review and discussion.  It
would be best if Tom Lane looked at it.  If not, one of us lesser
mortals will have to have a go.
index-only scans with partial indexes - Kevin has claimed this as committer.
Fix lock contention for HASHHDR.mutex - I guess I need to go revisit
this one, unless somebody else is willing to jump in.  I wouldn't mind
a few more opinions on this patch.
plpgsql - possibility to get element or array type for referenced
variable type - No committer yet.  I don't have enough interest or
knowledge to want to handle this.
pl/pgSQL, get diagnostics and big data - No committer yet.  Seems like
a reasonable concept.  A borderline bug fix.
enhanced custom error in PLPythonu - No committer yet.  Tom Lane and
Peter Eisentraut are the usual suspects for PL/python.  Again, I have
neither the interest nor the knowledge.

It's hard to miss the fact that there are an absolutely breathtaking
number of patches in this CommitFest - 80! - that are in the "needs
review" state.  We really, really, really need more review to happen -
and there's no place for that to come from except other people who
would like their own patches reviewed in turn, other than the limited
bandwidth of committers and of course the absolutely stunning efforts
of Michael Paquier to review everything in sight.  But that's not
going to be enough: we really, really need other people to be
reviewing also.

Robert Haas
EnterpriseDB: http://www.enterprisedb.com
The Enterprise PostgreSQL Company

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