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> In the pull-the-plug case you have to worry about what is on 
> disk at any given instant and whether you can make all the 
> bits on disk consistent again.  (And also about whether your 
> filesystem can perform the equivalent exercise for its own 
> metadata; which is why we are questioning Windows here.  

I've never (to my knowledge) lost any data following a powerfail or
system crash on a system using NTFS - that has always seemed pretty
solid to me. By comparison, I have lost data on ext2 filesystems on a
couple of occasions.

More info at:


Obviously this goes out of the window is the user chooses to run on
FAT/FAT32 partitions. I think that it should be made *very* clear in any
future documentation that the user is strongly advised to use only NTFS

I realise this is not proof that it actually works of course...

Regards, Dave.

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