On Friday 31 January 2003 20:22, Dann Corbit wrote:
> Now, as far as the Win32 animosity goes, I think that is a natural thing
> too.  There is a culture clash between the Linux camps and the Win32
> camps.  Typically, it's the highly intelligent kids recently out of
> college that are in love with Linux, and the [usually older] corporate
> types that know nothing but Win32.  But realize that both sets of people
> have real problems to solve and a free, high quality database will be a
> great help to anyone.


The *BSD, Solaris, AIS, HP-UX, IRIX, SCO, and other unixoid partisans out 
there will just love this statement.

The linux community here is in the minority, more than likely, to the *BSD 
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