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>  I've 
> been on both sides know that the windows user/developer 
> doesn't hold things to the same standards as the unix user/developer.

I ought to plonk you for a comment like that. Especially coming from the
person who's crap I've been trying to sort out for the last couple of

> Since you're pretty much ignoring my reasoning, I'll give you 
> the same consideration.  The history of windows as a platform 
> has shown itself to be rather fragile compared to unix.

When properly configured, Windows can be reliable, maybe not as much as
Solaris or HPUX but certainly some releases of Linux (which I use as
well). You don't see Oracle or IBM avoiding Windows 'cos it isn't stable

> Before you respond to this, read Tom Lane's response and 
> reply to that.

*I* did. I volunteered to do some more of the testing we're all so


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